About YoJo & Jessa Messina


I began teaching yoga in 2006 for the Florida State University football team. I continued teaching for studios, gyms and businesses in Tallahassee, Florida.  In 2010, I moved to NYC and worked at  Equinox (a premium chain of gyms around the country)  where I was named "Trainer of the Year" in 2011, which opened the door for me to develop my own unique programs. One of which was a men’s yoga program that was affectionately named "Yoga for the Average Jo" by the participants of the program. 


In 2014, I expanded YoJo into a business by designing corporate wellness programing and bringing yoga, meditation and ergonomics to the workplace. I have worked with NBC, CNBC, WeWork and different types of businesses, including various law firms and tech startups in the New York City area.

My focus point and speciality is creating programs that are tailored to the user. I create an experience that is nurturing, safe, and reassuring to people who might be less comfortable with yoga and meditation.

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Expanding to digital classes feels like the next best transition to allow the practice to be more inclusive to a broader community. 

YoJo continues to offer corporate services and digital monthly classes, for both individuals and corporations as well.